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Wendy Fortino
Let us introduce ourselves...
We are the CoFounders and Co-Owners of our online business; Cyberbodyshop.  We have been established since 2013, and have been operating our online coaching and personal training business since 2009.  We believe that "greatness" is infinite, and we believe in our ability to bring greatness out in each and every person with whom we have the opportunity to work with.  
We are a married couple, and often call ourselves the other's "partner-in-crime".  We met in 2008, and got married in 2010.  It was an instant connection and bond that we had with each other.  Something sparked in both of us when we started to realize how complimentary our skills and abilities truly were.  We often refer to a "left brain" or "right brain" approach to things; in other words, "the artist" and "the accountant".  We are the definition of "Artist" and "Accountant".  Matt is the Accountant, and Wendy is the Artist.  Through our strengths, we have collaborated together to help all of our clients and athletes on a level that is second to none.  While Matt is the master Fitness Trainer/Coach and Nutritionist, Wendy is the master Artist, visionary and strategist.  Together, we are your "dynamic duo", and we will stop at nothing to make sure that you get exactly the results you have always dreamed of!

Coach Matt Allen

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself...
I will start off by saying that I believe that I am “blessed” with average genetics. I consider average genetics to be a blessing, because if I were one of the “genetic elite”, I believe that I would not have been motivated to learn all that I have about exercise and nutrition.   
I have refused to accept the average body that my genetics has predestined me to have. Through hard work in the gym, and countless hours of research, I have created my own genetic destiny. I started competing in the sport of Bodybuilding in 1999, and competed in my last contest in 2009. I was a champion Middleweight Bodybuilder six times over before transitioning to being a full-time coach for the wonderful athletes that I have and am able to serve. 
As much as I have loved competing in Bodybuilding, my true passion is to help others achieve the best shape of their lives. I have acquired more than 20 years of experience as a personal trainer, as well as 11 years of experience with contest preparation (all divisions: Bodybuilding/Classic Physique/Physique/Figure/Fitness/Bikini/Wellness).
Up to this point in my professional career, I have had the amazing opportunity to work with top National-level athletes and Olympians. Although I love working with elite athletes, I also love educating individuals of all levels about health and fitness; and if you are simply looking for a caring coach to help you learn and grow and make a huge life transformation, I'm your guy!

Coach Wendy Fortino

Hello, and nice to meet you! 
First of all, I will start with my educational background. I hold my Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, and my Undergraduate Degrees include Kinesiology and Art. My additional certifications include: “Exercise Physiologist”, “Health and Fitness Specialist”, and “Personal Training” through the American College of Sports Medicine. I specialize in all things "fitness" and "beauty"! 
 I earned my IFBB Professional status in 2011 by winning the Overall NPC USA Figure Championships title. That was a moment I will cherish forever, and will never forget! As a Professional Figure competitor, I have earned my spot as an 8-time Ms. Figure Olympia contender. 
 I am a former gymnast and dancer, and have always loved to perform.  While in college studying for a Minor in Art, I studied colors, contrast, and movement patterns. Although I would say that I have been artistically inclined since a very young age, it was my formal education that enabled me to bring to fruition my artistic outlet in professional hair and makeup services, as well as creating creative tools to help competitors with posing and presentation (Polished Presentation). I thoroughly enjoy helping men and women feel confident on and off the stage! 
I am currently a media personality for Olympia TV and WOLFpak TV. You can catch me Wednesday evenings on WOLFpak TV, and Friday evenings on Olympia TV
Working With Us:
We are transformation and contest preparation coaches who truly care about our clientele. We customize every program we create to fit your goals and needs.  
CONTEST PREPARATION INQUIRIES: We provide a full and free assessment for each individual who is interested in learning more about working with us to prepare for a contest. We work with (and have had champion competitors in) ALL divisions in the sport of Bodybuilding.**
TRANSFORMATION COACHING INQUIRIES: We offer an option to sign up and pay for our 12-week transformation before performing a full assessment.  
**Our contest preparation coaching service requires an assessment before purchase. This is due to the need for each athlete to be in the healthiest, most optimal state before starting a contest preparation for a specific contest.

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